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Web Intelligence Datasource Analysis

Web Intelligence documents can be sourced from many different types of systems. RDBMS, SAP BW, NoSql, Hadoop, CSV and Excel are just some of the data sources a user may choose when creating a Webi dataprovider.

In this section we'll demonstrate different techniques understand Web Intelligence composition; what reports use Postgres? Which ones connect directly to a BEx query? Excel?

A1: What database engines are used by my Webi reports?

This analysis describes all Webi reports vs. database engine used across all dataproviders.

💾 Download: 📃A1. Webi Dataprovider vs. Database Engine Summary Listing

Understanding Webi dataprovider Complexity

Reports with excessive dataproviders can cause them to become slow because of additional processing required by the report engine to evaluate the report structure and variables therein. This scenario allows users to adjust the nbr_dps > n value to look for Webis with several dataproviders and can be a good starting point to reduce complexity.