MetaMiner eliminates the challenges of managing and administering BusinessObjects by automating important tasks like metadata management, performance monitoring, versioning, report testing and utilization analysis.

So, if you happen to be a:

  • BusinessObjects Developer/Architect/Administrator
  • BI Manager/Director/VP
  • BICC or BI CoE Evangelist

...and you're trying to figure out:

  • How to document the metadata/reports/universes in your BusinessObjects platform
  • Understand why certain reports run so slowly for some users and quickly for others
  • What users or groups have View access on what reports/folders/connections
  • How to automate promotion of content across environments
  • Implement a sound backup and disaster recovery strategy

...then there's lots you'll find in the following pages to help you with your goals. So sit back, put your BI helmet on and get ready to rock some great BusinessObjects use cases!