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Enabling SSL in MetaMiner server

MetaMiner server SSL secures the MetaMiner server communication by encrypting the internal requests.

In the below section, we're using a self signed cert generated using OpenSSL Library and the below workflow is also applicable to Trusted CA signed SSL certs as well.

More information on cert generation : Postgresql SSL


For organizations, it is recommended to get these certs from your network security team by providing the required server information.
Private key format : PKCS8
Certificate format : DER

OpenSSL command for format conversion:

    Key :
      openssl pkcs8 -in your_key_file.key -topk8 -v1 PBE-SHA1-RC4-128 -out server.key<br>
    Certificate :
      openssl x509 -outform der -in your_certificate_file.crt -out server.crt
  1. Go to MetaMiner Admin - > Preferences - > Settings -> General -> Configure SSL

  2. Check "Use SSL checkbox"

  3. Provide the valid path of the key,cert and private key password

  4. Click on "Ok"

Configure SSL

MetaMiner validates the provided information and closes the "Configure SSL dialog box" upon successful validation.