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Webi Processing Failure

Metaminer Webi Deep Processing

MetaMiner pull engine is tasked to pull the Web Intelligence deep meta objects every 5 minutes(default pull setting) to update the MetaMiner database with the latest metadata.

Web Intelligence Deep Pull involves in pulling the following components:

  • Crystal, Deski, Universe, UNX, WebIntelligence etc.
  • SQL statements associated with reports
  • Universe Object definitions
  • Joins, Tables, Columns etc.

What does this mail mean to BI Administrator?

There might be some issues with your Web Intelligence Processing Server like a firewall block between BO & MetaMiner server on the Web Intelligence processing server port.

Since Web Intelligence Processing servers are not reachable,MetaMiner pull engine is skipping the Web Intelligence deep processing pull to avoid any intermittent disconnect issue with MetaMiner client.

Kindly investigate the issue in accessing Web Intelligence Processing server from MetaMiner to keep the Web Intelligence metadata up to date in MetaMiner database.