What MetaMiner Tableau edition do ?

Managing Tableau content across multiple environments, either on-premise or in the cloud, and of multiple versions isn’t easy. That’s where MetaMiner comes in.MetaMiner is the only solution that simultaneously connects to any number of Tableau environments offering sub-second search, single-click publishing of workbooks, data sources and flows to any other environment, drastically eliminating administration time from hours to seconds, while providing constant visual feedback about the consistency and health of your landscape.


MetaMiner Client MetaMiner Server MetaMiner Administrator
Multi-Environment Search & Discovery Multi-Version Support (10.1 to 2020.1) Fully integrates with Tableau Single Sign-On
Tableau Finder Real-time metadata warehouse MetaMiner entitlements allow additional security layer for delegated administration
Data Lineage,Graph Viewer,Workbook Validator,Publish & Archive Live, published and extract-based data source metadata Zero-maintenance “Set and forget” server install
Windows and Mac Versions Server monitoring of node and process level metrics One stop access for managing all the environments

High Level Features

  • Administration
  • Create/Edit site,project and other basic administrative tasks
  • Publish tableau objects to other environments effortlessly
  • Workbook testing
  • Datasource testing
  • Visual Diff / versioning
  • Impact analysis
  • Data lineage
  • Utilization
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security reporting (compliance)
  • Security management
  • Upgrade / migration testing automation
  • Multi-version / multi-site / multi-environment administration