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Installing the MetaMiner Universe


MetaMiner comes with a prebuilt universe on top of its metadata warehouse that allows users to **develop their own analytics**t to better understand their BusinessObjects XI3 and BI4 platforms. The following is a small sample of the vast number of metadata assets that can be analyzed:

  • Users and Groups
  • Folders
  • Security (explicit/effective rights)
  • Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office, OLAP, Universe dictionaries (UNV, UNX), Instance/Scheduling Analysis
  • ...and more

MetaMiner Universe - Postgres

This universe is meant to be used with the supplied Postgres database that comes with the MetaMiner platform. While users are welcome to use/convert this universe to MS SQL or Oracle-backed MetaMiner DBs, this will eventually become unsupported starting January 2019.

Postgres ODBC Setup

BusinessObjects supports middleware for both 32-bit and 64-bit connectivity to Postgres. Different bitness is required for certain scenarios.

Scenario What needs to be installed
Universe Design Tool is installed on a user's workstation Install the Postgres 32-bit ODBC driver
Universe Design Tool and Information Design Tool is installed on a user's workstation First install the Postgres 32-bit ODBC driver and then install the Postgres 64-bit ODBC driver
MetaMiner Standard Universe is promoted to my BODEV environment Each host that has the Web Intelligence Processing Server must have the 64-bit Postgres ODBC driver installed

Postgres ODBC Driver Files

Middleware Inconsistency

If you have multiple Web Intelligence Processing Server hosts (e.g. NODE1, NODE2, NODE3), then the 64-bit postgres ODBC driver must be installed on each one. Otherwise, internal BusinessObjects loadbalancing may fail and cause reporting errors when using the MetaMiner Standard Universe.

Follow these steps to setup Postgres ODBC for MetaMiner:

Video (Postgres ODBC)

  1. Locate the <installation drive-path>\Infolytik\metaminer\server\pgsql folder on the MMS. Postgres ODBC Driver Files

Postgres ODBC Driver Download

If your build doesn't include the drivers, then please download them from here:

  1. Unzip and run the msi file from downloaded in the previous step.
  2. Complete the installation wizard for one or both .msi file(s). If you have SAP BI4 client tools installed on your MetaMiner Server (you should in most cases), and you wish to use Designer or IDT to manage the MetaMiner Standard universe, you'll need to install both msi files.
  3. If needed, create the 32-bit ODBC connection by going to the command prompt and pasting: %WINDIR%\System32\odbcad32.exe
  4. If needed, create the 64-bit ODBC connection by going to the command prompt and pasting: %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
  5. Click Add and then choose the Postgres (Unicode) driver as shown here:
    Postgres ODBC Driver Files

  6. The initial screen will look like:
    Postgres ODBC Driver Files

Use the values below but for your environment: (mmuser/mmuser is the universal credential default for embedded Postgres connections)

Setting Value
Data Source PostgreSQL35W
Database metaminer
Server PB001 [example]
User Name mmuser
Password mmuser [installation default]
Port 49614

Finally, click the Datasource button and UN-check the following checkboxes:

  • Text as LongVarChar
  • Unknowns as LongVarChar
  • Bools as Char

Postgres ODBC Datasource Setup

Import Universe LCMBIAR

Video (Universe installation)

If you don't have access to the Central Management Console (CMC), then this next step will require someone who does.

  1. Logon to the CMC
  2. Go to Promotion Management
  3. Import the MetaMiner Standard Universe LCMBIAR file
  4. Promote the file to your SAP BI4 environment
  5. Launch the Universe Design Tool from a workstation
  6. Import the MetaMiner Standard Universe file from the Infolytik Universe folder
  7. Edit the connection and make sure the metaminer-postgres connection tests successfully.