Backup restore businessobjects


MetaMiner's Backup, Restore, Promote feature (or also termed as Backup), allows users to:

  • Backup content to disk
  • Promote content to another BusinessObjects environment
  • Restore content from disk and back to the same or different environment

The Backup feature exists as its own application tab, like other applications or "tabs" within MetaMiner Client.

New/Edit Backup Dialog

User Interface

This module's interface has three key areas:

  1. Backup/Promote Job Configuration panel

Backup/Promote UI

  1. Backup/Promote Status Bar

  2. Backup/Promote Complete Jobs panel


By default, when a backup is generated, it is saved to:

\Program Files\Infolytik\MetaMiner\server\alerts\archives

Because Backups can take considerable space if saved to your MetaMiner Server, it is recommended that a different storage location be configured to take backups of your BusinessObjects system that has more space and better durability.

How much space does Backup need?

To store a rolling set of 10 backups (at the 10th backup, the first backup that was created is deleted to allow room for the next backup), you should have 3 times the disk space of the total content being backed up. So if your Sales folder has 100mb of reports, you would have 300mb of disk.


Backups will compress the actual report size substantially. So a 100mb report becomes 5-15mb larged once backed up.

  • Navigate to your MetaMiner Server and launch MetaMiner Administrator.
  • From the menu bar, go to Preferences > Settings
  • Navigate to the Backup menu button and then review the entry help for the
  • Backup Archive Path

New/Edit Backup Dialog

Usage Scenarios

Let's review a few different scenarios where Backup can be used to ensure our BusinessObjects assets are safely kept in the event of a disaster or accidental delete.

Backup: Fixed Content (Wizard)

MetaMiner has two types of content selection when creating a new backup job. They are:

  • Wizard-based
  • SQL-based

In this example we'll create a wizard-based backup.

  1. Click the New Backup button in the toolbar
  2. When the New Backup Job dialog appears, complete the field as shown below:

New/Edit Backup Dialog


It's important to remember that backups made using the wizard will not automatically or dynamically backup any new contents that appears in a folder that wasn't part of the wizard's content selection. The Wizard-based backup is a WYSIWYG "what you see is what you get" backup that backups only those items you selected!

When would I use the wizard backup?

You would use this backup method whenever you wanted a quick and simple backup of well-known contents

Backup: Dynamic Content (SQL query)