SAP BusinessObjects in 2018: What's Next for the CxO?

Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 minutes (Includes Q&A)

As companies continue to evolve their Business Intelligence and now Analytics competencies, many new questions arise, specifically around the current state of SAP BusinessObjects and where it fits in the enterprise landscape.  Specifically, we now ask ourselves:

  • What is the direction of my SAP BusinessObjects strategy - what functions will it continue to serve?
  • How does SAP BusinessObjects fit in newer multi-vendor analytic platform paradigms?
  • Where can we operationalize and automate SAP BusinessObjects? and reduce our footprint and costs while increasing effectiveness?

Join us to learn how one company transformed their BI and Analytics delivery engine using Infolytik MetaMiner and:

  • Reduced their overall costs of managing SAP BusinessObjects by 1+ FTE in the first 3 months
  • Revitalized the value of SAP BusinessObjects by creating rich data dictionaries
  • Eliminated 90% of unused content and creating a more efficient BI platform
  • Automating change control and universe validation to minimize risk and increase confidence

If you're running SAP BusinessObjects and looking to drastically reduce your footprint and increase efficiency you should attend this webinar.


Atul Chowdhury

Founder at Infolytik

Atul has worked in the Business Intelligence space for over 15 years, having played critical roles in the planning and deployment of global, mission critical BI landscapes for a number of marquee organizations including SAP, Medidata Solutions, Credit Suisse and Pfizer.

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