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SAP Insider Amsterdam: Conference Wrap-Up!

Well, we're finally back from SAP Insider's excellent event: BI/HANA Administration 2019 EMEA. This was a typical, well-run event by SAPInsider which allowed us to meet with some great customers, like Honda Motor Europe and Zurich. The themes were largely around SAP Analytics Cloud, S/4 HANA…

Universe and UNX Visual Diff & Version History – here first!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here: The ability to visually compare two classic Universe or more modern, UNX (Semantic Layer) between any environment or version of SAP BusinessObjects. So what? Well… The scenario is all too familiar to us: Manager: These numbers don’t…

MetaMiner Tableau Edition

The good folks at Infolytik are no strangers to the complexities of enterprise metadata management. Since we founded Infolytik some 9 years ago, we've been working hard to help customers find the deeply hidden gems around their BI assets for SAP BusinessObjects - and now Tableau…

UNXpert: IDT Universe Two-way Metadata Bridge

Most BusinessObjects Universe designers worth their salt can quickly recall the famous Excel spreadsheet found on the BoB forum that helps export, merge and manage Universe metadata in bulk. Developed by Dwayne Hoffpauir, this macro-enabled worksheet has become a staple in the community for anyone needed…

BI Power Hour: Blast Off to SAP BI 4.2

Infolytik/SolidGround Technologies’ first ever BI Power Hour offers a comprehensive “tell-all” of every enhancement, limitation, nuance, implementation challenge or “in-the-trench” anecdote as they evolve from 4.1, 4.2 SP2 and finally 4.2 SP3. If you are currently in the midst of any of these versions but feel…