MetaMiner Simplifies Your BI Infrastructure While Reducing Operational Costs

What's MetaMiner, You Say?

As BI practitioners that have used numerous tools and platforms over the years - Crystal Reports, Brio, Tableau, SAP BusinessObjects, Power BI and more - we have always found that critical functional like metadata management, impact analysis, BI content backup/restore, archiving, data source management and report/dashboard testing automation were never considered as important by BI vendors, yet not having these capabilities significantly impacted our ability to have accurate and fast BI in our organizations!

MetaMiner is our response to this lack of automation and BI delivery workflow automation which empowers the traditional BI architect, administrator and developer as well as leadership to fully understand and monitor the effectiveness of the BI value chain while automating low-value tasks required to keep BI operational on a daily basis.  With MetaMiner, organizations can now:

  • Manage impact analysis and metadata management at scale
  • Automate report testing to detect issues and defects before executives do
  • Improve report refresh performance and monitor bottlenecks in real time
  • Archive unused content, migrate reports and data sources and even bulk manage credentials to connections visually and easily
  • Manage and audit security, access and permissions across BI resources to ensure only the right people are seeing the right information at the right time
  • Enable simpler database and platform migrations, whether it's Teradata to Snowflake or on-premise to Amazon AWS

So join us, watch a few videos and see how MetaMiner can solve your BI management and administration problems for Tableau Enterprise or SAP BusinessObjects today!

MetaMiner’s Architecture

1. MetaMiner Server
This component is the primary back-end of the MetaMiner environment that’s responsible for aggregating key platform metrics and processing BI asset metadata
2. BI Environment
Both SAP Business Objects XI3.0, XI3.1 and SAP BI 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 are supported by the MetaMiner server. Using the MetaMiner Administrator tool, users are asked to identify the Central Management Server and Audit Database locations of their environment. It is from these two key components that the MetaMiner engine can perform its platform analysis
3. MetaMiner Repository
All metadata and platform metrics are stored in near-real-time to the MetaMiner Database. You may see this referred to as the “MMDB” in documentation or other Infolytik literature. The database itself can be currently hosted on Oracle, MS SQL Server or Infolytik’s embedded database, H2. The ability to use these flavors for your MMDB depends on your MetaMiner edition and license type.
4. MetaMiner Administrator
During the initial setup of MetaMiner, you must launch this application in order to provide a valid license key, identify initial environment(s) and establish and test required connectivities (MetaMiner Database and BI environments). The Administrator can also be used to configure the Diagnostic Center settings which allow MetaMiner to deliver system notifications and events to email addressed as needed.
5. MetaMiner Client
The client application is a high-performance, light-weight platform analysis solution that provides instant discovery of metadata and metrics across any number or version of SAP BI environments. For more information on its specific capabilities you can follow this link.

Infolytik solutions deliver actionable, real-time insights about your BI landscape that massively accelerate time-to-analysis for everyone in your BI program.

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Actionable, Real-Time Insights About Your BI Landscape
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Comprehensive SAP BusinessObjects platform administration, analysis and workflow to run your Business Intelligence program quicker, safer and with better outcomes.

Infolytik - MetaMiner SAP

Real-time monitoring of both application and hardware-level events specifically built for Business Intelligence workflows to guarantee strict SLAs of your analytics program.

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