BusinessObjects administrators and users, rejoice!

(Life in the BO world is about to get a LOT easier)

MetaMiner is a purpose-built, laser-focused technology to reduce operations and management cost of running SAP BusinessObjects.

  • Administration automation of reports and content, like archiving and migrating BOBJ to the cloud
  • Real-time monitoring of system performance and user experience
  • Metadata management and data dictionaries for all you Webi and Universe content
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MetaMiner is your BI delivery engine that delivers

Reduce licensing costs by identifying true user concurrency

Tableau 10, 2018.x, BusinessObjects XI3, BI4 in one view

Pinpoint performance spikes and the culprits associated with them

Measure schedule delivery times and failure rates to meet SLAs

Leverage UNX features quickly with bulk remapping of UNV-to-UNX dataproviders

Root cause analysis simplified through blended audit, CMS and real-time monitoring netadata

Enforce report usage or aging quotas across inbox and favorites folders

Visualize changes across universes, reports to see what's affected across versions

BI Developers

MetaMiner provides comprehensive metadata on the BI platform and accelerates report & dashboard deliverables by 200%.

MetaMiner is an invaluable addition to our BI suite. I can no longer imagine using BusinessObjects without it. There are at least a dozen use-cases for which I use MetaMiner on a regular basis. The company's technical support is excellent.

– Ethan Shalev
Data Warehouse / Report Specialist (Yashir IDI)

BI Architects

Greatly reduced Tableau Server TCO by efficiently managing multiple environments through MetaMiner's single, workflow-optimized interface.

Metaminer is an incredibly useful tool, which greatly simplifies the management of our Business Intelligence reporting and data. It help us effectively monitor and audit activity; as well as allowing us to efficiently manage our environments and data sources.

– James Target
BI Delivery Manager
(Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate)

BI Directors

Data is the lifeblood of our business and Infolytik Pulse tells us exactly how well our BI systems are performing in real are performing time.

MetaMiner has transformed how The Texas A&M University System administers Business Objects. Since installing MetaMiner, we have gained insight into how our customers use interact with Business Objects on a daily basis. In turn, that information has allowed us to adjust how we support both content and delivery of information.

– David Gutierrez
Associate Director, Business Intelligence
The Texas A&M University



Automated Report Validation

Impact Analysis

Features Overview

ROI Case Study

MetaMiner Main Product Features

Tableau Metadata
management made easy

Overuse and abuse of embedded datasources and extracts can cause a governance nightmare. Get enterprise visibility and start optimizing fast.

Impact Analysis:
Database & Reports

Perhaps the most often requested feature of SAP BusinessObjects: What is the downstream impact from changing the REVENUE_1 column? What universe/reports will be affected if we drop the DEMOG_OLD table?

Not knowing these answers cost us tens of thousands in added project costs to manual trawl for this information. MetaMiner? 10 seconds.

Google search for your entire SAP BusinessObjects landscape

Find universe objects, reports, instances, users, groups, schedules and SQL statements in sub-second time thanks to in-memory storage of your BOBJ landscape.

Server Down!

It’s not what we like to hear, but it does happen. Instead, get notified immediately when the status of a server changes or when a specific metric crosses a particular threshold. Are your Job Servers running beyond capacity? MetaMiner knows!

Visual Diff: Structure

Side-by-side comparisons of your CMS folder and content view allows architects and administrators to immediately resolve reconciliation issues that are otherwise impossible to find.

MetaMiner Analytics

The most comprehensive platform

for managing metadata and utilization for SAP

Infolytik Videos

Google search for your entire SAP BusinessObjects landscape

Find universe objects, reports, instances, users, groups, schedules and SQL statements in sub-second time thanks to in-memory storage of your BOBJ landscape.

MetaMiner’s Architecture

1. MetaMiner Server
This component is the primary back-end of the MetaMiner environment that’s responsible for aggregating key platform metrics and processing BI asset metadata
2. BI Environment
Both SAP Business Objects XI3.0, XI3.1 and SAP BI 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 are supported by the MetaMiner server. Using the MetaMiner Administrator tool, users are asked to identify the Central Management Server and Audit Database locations of their environment. It is from these two key components that the MetaMiner engine can perform its platform analysis
3. MetaMiner Repository
All metadata and platform metrics are stored in near-real-time to the MetaMiner Database. You may see this referred to as the “MMDB” in documentation or other Infolytik literature. The database itself can be currently hosted on Oracle, MS SQL Server or Infolytik’s embedded database, H2. The ability to use these flavors for your MMDB depends on your MetaMiner edition and license type.
4. MetaMiner Administrator
During the initial setup of MetaMiner, you must launch this application in order to provide a valid license key, identify initial environment(s) and establish and test required connectivities (MetaMiner Database and BI environments). The Administrator can also be used to configure the Diagnostic Center settings which allow MetaMiner to deliver system notifications and events to email addressed as needed.
5. MetaMiner Client
The client application is a high-performance, light-weight platform analysis solution that provides instant discovery of metadata and metrics across any number or version of SAP BI environments. For more information on its specific capabilities you can follow this link.

Infolytik solutions deliver actionable, real-time insights about your BI landscape that massively accelerate time-to-analysis for everyone in your BI program.

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Actionable, Real-Time Insights About Your BI Landscape
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Comprehensive SAP BusinessObjects platform administration, analysis and workflow to run your Business Intelligence program quicker, safer and with better outcomes.

Infolytik - MetaMiner SAP

Real-time monitoring of both application and hardware-level events specifically built for Business Intelligence workflows to guarantee strict SLAs of your analytics program.

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