UNXpert: IDT Universe Two-way Metadata Bridge

Most BusinessObjects Universe designers worth their salt can quickly recall the famous Excel spreadsheet found on the BoB forum that helps export, merge and manage Universe metadata in bulk.

Developed by Dwayne Hoffpauir, this macro-enabled worksheet has become a staple in the community for anyone needed to do more than just trivial Universe development.  What does it do? Well, like anything, the best way to learn about it is to use it.  You can find this gem here for managing your UNV needs.


But what about the UNX format?  Problem solved!  For the first time we’re introducing a capability that allows UNX / Information Design Tool developers to:

  • Download UNX business layer metadata to MS Excel
  • Modify SELECT, WHERE, DESCRIPTION and more in Excel
  • Upload the results and merge them back to the UNX
  • Promote the UNX back to the SAP BusinessObjects platform

How does UNXpert work?  Simple – check out the how-to video and see for yourself:


What are you waiting for – give it a spin – it’s free after all!

Download UNXpert Now!


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