Real GDPR: A Live! Implementation for SAP BusinessObjects

Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 minutes (Includes Q&A)

GDPR compliance strategies have been hashed around now for a while, but as BI practitioners our primary concern remains unanswered:

  • What does a GDPR blueprint look like and what are the actual steps in it?
  • Who is actually involved in the technical implementation of GDPR - what are the stakeholders' roles?
  • How do I actually implement a methodology that reflects the most critical aspects of the GDPR and promotes personal data sensitivity within my Business Objects landscape?

We're going to get "deep in the weeds" and illustrate:

  • A "day in the life" of an Infolytik GDPR implementation using MetaMiner to specifically:
    • Assess risk and exposure of sensitive and personal data - Who's hands does our data end up in - and is it allowed?!
    • Classify and rank data and metadata and share with your stakeholders
    • Create a real-time notification framework for understanding breaches
    • Executive level dashboards that monitor your GDPR and data protection goals for the enterprise

If you're running SAP BusinessObjects and mandated with GDPR compliance you don't want to miss this!


Atul Chowdhury

Founder at Infolytik

Atul has worked in the Business Intelligence space for over 15 years, having played critical roles in the planning and deployment of global, mission critical BI landscapes for a number of marquee organizations including SAP, Medidata Solutions, Credit Suisse and Pfizer.

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