SAP BusinessObjects Monitoring for

Pulse increases BI user adoption by monitoring critical system performance and utilization metrics about your SAP BusinessObjects landscape in real-time

Expose 300+ SAP BusinessObjects platform metrics and 500+ metadata and user activity statistics.

Rewind analysis to any point-in-time and compare current vs. historical performance across any metric.

Inspect Web Intelligence workflows such as prompting, data refresh or rendering workflows.

Create custom dashboard groups like Performance Bottlenecks, User Activity and Server Utilization.

Visualize current and historical data through rich and responsive mobile friendly dashboards.

Drill-down and drill-across capabilities allow eforltess navigation from summary level metrics to detail level data about issues and bottlenecks.

Customize dashboards with charts, text, data table or external data sources.

Continuous real-time monitoring of SAP BusinessObjects services provide a clear picture of system health any time.

BI Developers

MetaMiner provides comprehensive metadata on the BI platform and accelerates report & dashboard deliverables by 200%.

MetaMiner is an invaluable addition to our BI suite. I can no longer imagine using BusinessObjects without it. There are at least a dozen use-cases for which I use MetaMiner on a regular basis. The company's technical support is excellent.

– Ethan Shalev
Data Warehouse / Report Specialist (Yashir IDI)

BI Architects

Greatly reduced SAP BusinessObjects TCO by efficiently managing multiple environments through MetaMiner's single, workflow-optimized interface.

Metaminer is an incredibly useful tool, which greatly simplifies the management of our Business Intelligence reporting and data. It help us effectively monitor and audit activity; as well as allowing us to efficiently manage our environments and data sources.

– James Target
BI Delivery Manager
(Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate)

BI Directors

Data is the lifeblood of our business and Infolytik Pulse tells us exactly how well our BI systems are performing in real are performing time.

MetaMiner has transformed how The Texas A&M University System administers Business Objects. Since installing MetaMiner, we have gained insight into how our customers use interact with Business Objects on a daily basis. In turn, that information has allowed us to adjust how we support both content and delivery of information.

– David Gutierrez
Associate Director, Business Intelligence


Pulse Product Interface

Real-Time Enterprise BI Monitoring

Pulse offers visibility into real-time resource consumption of all SAP BusinessObjects nodes by their specific process type: Webi, Lumira, and more.

Who’s on my system right now
and for how long?

One of the key metrics to understanding BI user adoption is the recenency (how long ago?) and frequency (how often?) of user logins - without these measures it’s just guesswork.

How Well Does My Auditing
System Perform?

Often times the SAP BusinessObjects platform auditing can underperform, causing slowdowns in other parts of the system, such as stalled logins in BI LaunchPad and other issues. Knowing when this happens is critical to a robust deployment.

How Many Users Logon
& How Often?

The BI platform doesn’t always represent user sessions and concurrency with numerical accuracy. For example, the same user could be logged on multiple times. Pulse helps uncover these nuances to provide a true illustration of usage.

Does my FRS Grow Steadily or Erratically?

In highly active environments, FRS usage can quickly go up -- particularly when heavy scheduling activity is involved. Know about bursts in disk usage and when you need to delete content before critical system errors occur.

Does CPU Usage at the Host Level on my BIP Nodes Look Normal?

Pulse not only shows SAP BusinessObjects specific metrics but also host level metrics for the system as a whole. This means that other offending programs constraining performance on BIP can we quickly identified and addressed.

Customize Your Own Dashboards Using Any BIP Server Metric

With more than 300 specialized metrics to measure Lumira session activity, CMS object cache effectiveness and Job Server performance, users of Pulse can customize and configure dashboards to meet their precise monitoring needs.

Does Pulse’s Monitoring Slow Down My BI Platform?

Many enterprise BI administrators and architects are concerned with the overhead caused by monitoring solutions. While Pulse itself exerts no impact on the operation of SAP BusinessObjects, it monitors itself to ensure its effectiveness.

Built-In Performance Counters for Pulse & MetaMiner

Pulse monitors MetaMiner engine performance to ensure that MetaMiner is efficiently working with your SAP BusinessObjects lanscape to offer real time metadata and other information in addition to report on its own resource usage (metric storage).

How Do I See What Universes
and Reports We Use?

A frequent but often unanswered question: Are my users making use o fUsers can bring in external data into Pulse and monitor virtually any metric such as BI platform metadata and usage statistics that reside in MetaMiner’s SAP BusinessObjects usage metrics database.

What Report Keeps Gobbling Up Memory?

There are many reasons why a report can “peg” (cause CPU to reach 100% usage) an SAP BusinessObjects host such as an offending set of prompts, too much data being returned from a source or complex report level variables. Pulse reveals this and more.

Fighting WebI Performance Issues? We’re on it!

Report users often complain about long-running reports, reports that take “forever” to load in BI LaunchPad -- as well as DBAs who suggest certain reports causing issues on the database. Pulse provides real-time visibility into each step of the Web Intelligence lifecycle and pinpoints the exact problem when it happens, where it happens and who’s causing it to happen.

MetaMiner Main Product Features

Google search for your SAP business objects platform

Find universe objects, reports, instances, users, groups, schedules and SQL statements in sub-second time thanks to in-memory storage of your BOBJ landscape.

Impact analysis of
all technical metadata

Understand the end-to-end impact of changes made to BI artifacts (universes, reports, schedules, ables, columns) for a bullet-proof chagne management strategy.

Bulk object management
and administration

Re-point Web Intelligence dataproviders across BEx/UNV/UNX sources, change licensing of entire usergroups, purge report data in bulk in addition to 20+ other actions.

Alerting automates
complex BI workflows

Notify admins and executives on BI system events or business workflow changes e.g. “Tell me when someone changes an access level” through a sophisticated rules engine.

Manage security and
enforce SOX compliance

Generate SOX compliant outputs of audit trails, security modifications (current+historical) while managing complex security matrix changes in a few clicks.

Visually compare and test
data & metadata regressions

Assess changes at both the metadata (changes in SQL, universe objects) or actual data (changes table/column/chart data) and stay compliant while saving money on testing.

Real time monitoring of BI applications and hardware

Track critical metrics for CPU, utilization %, temperature, disk space as well as 200+ SAP and Tableau app-specific metrics to know about problems before your users

Smart Promote,
backup and restore

Using a graphical wizard-based UI or more complex SQL-based rules, dynamically choose content to be backed up, restored or auto- promoted by business rule or schedule.

Report Screenshots

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Infolytik Videos

Google search for your entire SAP BusinessObjects landscape

Find universe objects, reports, instances, users, groups, schedules and SQL statements in sub-second time thanks to in-memory storage of your BOBJ landscape.
1. MetaMiner Server
This component is the primary back-end of the MetaMiner environment that’s responsible for aggregating key platform metrics and processing BI asset metadata
2. BI Environment
Both SAP Business Objects XI3.0, XI3.1 and SAP BI 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 are supported by the MetaMiner server. Using the MetaMiner Administrator tool, users are asked to identify the Central Management Server and Audit Database locations of their environment. It is from these two key components that the MetaMiner engine can perform its platform analysis
3. MetaMiner Repository
All metadata and platform metrics are stored in near-real-time to the MetaMiner Database. You may see this referred to as the “MMDB” in documentation or other Infolytik literature. The database itself can be currently hosted on Oracle, MS SQL Server or Infolytik’s embedded database, H2. The ability to use these flavors for your MMDB depends on your MetaMiner edition and license type.
4. MetaMiner Administrator
During the initial setup of MetaMiner, you must launch this application in order to provide a valid license key, identify initial environment(s) and establish and test required connectivities (MetaMiner Database and BI environments). The Administrator can also be used to configure the Diagnostic Center settings which allow MetaMiner to deliver system notifications and events to email addressed as needed.
5. MetaMiner Client
The client application is a high-performance, light-weight platform analysis solution that provides instant discovery of metadata and metrics across any number or version of SAP BI environments. For more information on its specific capabilities you can follow this link.

Infolytik solutions deliver actionable, real-time insights about your BI landscape that massively accelerate time-to-analysis for everyone in your BI program.

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Actionable, Real-Time Insights About Your BI Landscape
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Comprehensive SAP BusinessObjects platform administration, analysis and workflow to run your Business Intelligence program quicker, safer and with better outcomes.

Infolytik - MetaMiner SAP

Real-time monitoring of both application and hardware-level events specifically built for Business Intelligence workflows to guarantee strict SLAs of your analytics program.

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