Job Opportunity: BI Specialist (REMOTE)

Infolytik develops the only analytic superplatform - MetaMiner - used by the Fortune 1000 which offers unified monitoring, metadata management and administration of Tableau, Power BI and SAP BusinessObjects within a single interface for any number of versions, environments and geography.

Our global team works tirelessly to ensure the success of our customers' BI programs and the many data architects, report developers, VP of Analytics and CDOs who interact with our platform in order to promote the adoption of BI and the culture of data-driven decision making in their organizations.

Your Mission:

Infolytik is always innovating its platform, listening to customers and parlaying their ideas into the next iteration of MetaMiner and other products in our portfolio. Why? To make their BI run better, reducing the time-to-analysis when using reports or dashboards while eliminating the inherent complexity of a hybrid BI topology by offering superior landscape administration and management. This translates to robust data catalogs, faster dashboards, real-time server monitoring of critical processes (VizQL, Webi Processing Servers), bulk user/object administration, BI disaster/recovery and faster report development in Tableau, SAP BusinessObjects and PowerBI.

Your Role:

This position is a "multiple-hats" role where the ideal candidate will be expected to work primarily as Senior BI Specialist, supporting both customers and product development through a continuous feedback loop to improve both product quality and customer satisfaction.

Don't be fooled: This role is for creative thinkers who have deep experience in business intelligence (BOBJ, Tableau, Power BI) and can quickly pick up a universe and troubleshoot reports or review Tableau log files and determine root cause of a malfunctioning VizQL server or configure Power BI Gateway servers. If you're not comfortable getting into the twisty turns of application logic and re-creation of customer issues, then this role is probably not for you.

Your Competencies:

  • Overall 5+ years in a Business Intelligence/Analytics/Systems setting (BusinessObjects, Tableau, Power BI, SQL, RDBMS, data analysis)
  • Recommended 3yr serious SQL development (tuning, DWH optimization, window/rank function mastery)
  • Minimum 4yr BI administration and development with SAP BusinessObjects , Tableau and/or Power BI
  • Experience with variety of data sources (HANA, SAP BW, BEx, All RDBMS flavors, Snowflake plus but not required)
  • Clear and fundamental understanding of data lineage, metadata topology concepts (ability to trace information across numerous layers)
  • Self-starter and able to use online tools (Fresh Desk, YouTrack, JIRA) and manage customer tickets and offer a feedback loop to product management / engineering
  • Work well in a team setting; readily availble during pre-determined hours for Skype calls / Webex
  • Deep discovery capabilities in diagnosis and symptom assessment
  • Extremely well organized and able to maintain your own calendar of customer call-backs, webex scheduling, etc
  • Excellent customer-facing skills: You will be discussing with and resolving issues related to our software, learning from customers about how to make it better and relaying that to the product team
  • Generally working a fixed schedule with 4hr overlap with US EAST timezone but required to schedule customer calls on an as-needed basis when required
  • Must have a optimal workspace to engage with customers in an utmost professional manner - this is a REMOTE job!

Major Bonus Points/Special Consideration for Candidates with:

  • Java development experience
  • BusinessObjects SDK/API (BOSDK) experience
  • Tableau API/REST
  • Experience configuring Tableau clusters (sizing, troubleshooting with Logshark, TabJolt, TabMonitor)
  • Experience implementing BusinessObjects (server, APS splitting, etc.)

Your Education & Experience:

  • Education: Experience-based; No formal requirement here.
  • Passionate, organized, smart, engaging, driven and technically savvy
  • Able to establish mutual respect and a collaborative working relationship with their peers and team
  • Flexible, able to adjust and change direction as the business environment and technology universe evolves and changes
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with all kinds of people at all levels inside and outside the organization.
  • Versatile workstream management: You can juggle multiple tasks while remaining in control of them all
  • Self-directed, curious, and comfortable working in dynamic environments

This is a FULL TIME position and will be paid commensurate to experience.  This is not the type of role you can mug for by studying interview questions - truly experienced candidates need only apply!

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