Migrating BusinessObjects to AWS

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Webinar Details:

Duration: 45 minutes (Includes Q&A)

How do we safely and quickly move BusinessObjects to AWS?

Enterprise analytics, while traditionally hosted on-premise in the corporate data center, are now being migrated to cloud provides like AWS and Google to take advantage of a multitude of benefits like:

  • Low/no hardware costs
  • Elastic pricing models
  • On-demand resource provisioning
  • Simplified IT support and management
  • Easier integration to other cloud-based services and end-points

BusinessObjects can also take advantage of these cloud concepts almost immediately - allowing analaytic leadership to focus less on systems and more on business content delivery.

In this webinar, we'll take you through a complete end-to-end setup, execution and validation of an actual BusinessObjects landscape to AWS.  by the conclusion, you'll learn:

  1. Pre-migration BusinessObjects inventory and content scoring exercise
  2. Security configuration and gotchas in AWS
  3. Performing the migration
  4. Validating the migration

So join us - it's gonna be a blast!!


Atul Chowdhury

Founder at Infolytik

Atul has worked in the Business Intelligence space for over 15 years, having played critical roles in the planning and deployment of global, mission critical BI landscapes for a number of marquee organizations including SAP, Medidata Solutions, Credit Suisse and Pfizer.

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